January on the Farm

On a farm in January, the days are short and the air is cold. The ground is often frozen, making it difficult to work in the fields. Despite the challenges, there is still much to do on the farm at this time of year.

One of the main tasks in January is preparing for the upcoming growing season. This may involve repairing and maintaining equipment, ordering seeds and other supplies, and making plans for the year ahead. The farm may also need to be cleaned and organized, as the winter weather can be tough on both the buildings and the land.

In addition to these preparations, there are also a number of animals that need to be cared for on the farm in January. This includes feeding and watering livestock, such as cows, pigs, and chickens, as well as checking on their health and well-being. It may also be necessary to provide additional shelter and warmth for these animals during the cold winter months.

While the work on a farm in January may be challenging, it can also be rewarding. The start of a new year is a time of renewal and fresh beginnings, and there is a sense of excitement and hope as the farmers look ahead to the growing season.

As the days begin to lengthen and the weather starts to warm up, the farm starts to come back to life. The fields begin to thaw, and the first shoots of new plants start to emerge from the ground. The animals, too, start to become more active, as they are able to spend more time outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Despite the hard work and long hours, life on a farm in January can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It is a time to come together as a community, to support one another, and to look forward to the possibilities of the future. As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm,” and on a farm in January, the early bird is often busy preparing for the seasons ahead.

Little Fall Updates: 5 Ways to Celebrate Autumn

The fall season is the best time to get cozy and celebrate all things autumn. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting colder, and Halloween is coming up. Fall is a great time to get cozy with your favorite things.

We’ve found 5 ways that you can celebrate fall and make the most of this spooky season.
  1. Get Cozy: Snuggle into that warm hoodie, put on a soft pair of socks, get comfy in your favorite joggers and get ready to settle into your favorite chair. When the cold comes, I practically live in my hoodie.

2. Don’t forget your hat: While you’re at it, keep your head warm with a cute hat–no bad hair days for you! Right now my favorite beanie is my Wandering Star Beanie. It is warm, soft, and wooly and reminds me that not all who wander are lost.

3. Light a candle: warm rich candlelight warms even the stormiest day. Light a candle and watch your space transform. This year I am making it extra special with Affirmation candles. I light my candle and repeat the affirmations written on the side. It helps me to get my mindset just right to settle in. After a few moments of visualizing the season to come, I let the glow from my candle remind me of the good times ahead.

4. Drink a hot beverage from your favorite mug: warmth and comfort are the keywords for getting cozy–and what is warmer and more comforting than a hot beverage in that cup that fits your hand just right? These enamel-ware mugs are just the right size and keep my hands warm on the coldest day.

5. Get ready for spooky season: Get ready for things that go bump in the night. Halloween is my favorite part of Autumn. Get festive and join in the fun! You don’t have to go overboard (unless you want to!) Find a funky t-shirt and give off those spooky vibes.